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Ends two weeks from now

Letbia's Cookbook: Authentic Mexican Cuisine Vol. 4

Official Vol. 4 cookbook with a select collection of delicious Mexican & International cuisine for various dishes and desserts


Backers: 20
Funding: MX$9,519 of MX$5,000 (190% funded)
Average daily pledges: MX$595
Campaign Dates: October 2nd -> November 1st (2021)
Time left: 14 days, 8 hours, 46 minutes

Ends more than three weeks from now

Vegetarian Ideas: a Cookbook!

"Vegetarian Ideas:" An innovative vegetarian cookbook for the modern home cook, with full color photos of every dish.


Backers: 36
Funding: $1,726 of $850 (203% funded)
Average daily pledges: $192
Campaign Dates: October 9th -> November 8th (2021)
Time left: 21 days, 17 hours, 16 minutes

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