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[COMING SOON] Official Stormlight Archive miniatures are on the way, but you can't use them in D&D 5E (yet)

August 12th
An official line of miniatures based on Brandon Sanderson’s Stormlight Archive books is set to launch on Kickstarter. The upcoming miniatures will feature 24 characters from Sanderson’s novels, depicted as 32mm scale models. An additional four characters are planned to be offered as stretch goals during a crowdfunding campaign. (Read More)

Kick Bastards Boots Up a Kickstarter Campaign and New Demo

August 11th
The Kick Bastards demo has been up a couple of times in the past in various Steam-fests, and it’s returned again for today’s freshly-launched Kickstarter campaign. Each level is a chase across the top of a city, jumping, wall-running, and dash-kicking to the big burly minion of hell waiting at the course’s end. Each level has multiple paths and plenty of room for technique, which makes finding the quickest route to the finish a combination of skill and experimentation. (Read More)
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[COMING SOON] Micro Games of America Returns for Haunt Your House AR-Enhanced Tabletop Game

August 11th
MGA Entertainment (MGAE) is going back to its roots for an upcoming project. In Haunt Your House, players act as paranormal investigators searching through a haunted house with the help of their AI assistant, Boogle. Using a smartphone or tablet, players hunt for AR monsters that emerge from the physical gameboard. (Read More)

[COMING SOON] Flynt Buckler Wakes the Sleepy Castle Goes Full Paper Mario as an RPG

August 11th
Two-person developer Sleepy Castle Studio has announced it will be headed to Kickstarter this fall for Flynt Buckler Wakes the Sleepy Castle, a gorgeous RPG with Paper Mario vibes up the wazoo. The game is targeting Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam with a tentative Q4 2023 release window, and a Flynt Buckler teaser trailer released last month showcases a mix of enticing visuals and characters, fun platforming, and action-packed turn-based combat. (Read More)

The Jollylook Pinhole is a DIY Bellows Camera That Takes Instax Film

August 9th
The DIY camera kit enables users to put together their own vintage bellows-style pinhole camera and take polaroid-style instant print images. It has a mechanical shutter lever to open and close the pinhole aperture. (Read More)

Dead Reckoning Letters of Marque Kickstarter campaign launches today

August 9th
Letters of Marque is a new expansion for the 4X strategy game Dead Reckoning and contains two distinct but interconnected sets of expansion content. (Read More)