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These New Battery-Swappable Japanese E-Scooters Fold Smaller

December 2nd
Japanese personal mobility innovator Shimizu is turning heads with its latest Arma folding electric scooter prototype. Boasting a weight of just 10 lb (4.5 kg), Shimizu claims it’s working on the world’s smallest and lightest scooter. While the verdict is still out on that claim, the Arma’s impressive compact design and features make it a compelling last-mile commuter. (Read More)

Knock! Issue 4 (OSR Zine)

November 30th
KNOCK! issue 4 is ready to go to press, just waiting for you to pledge. You know the formula: no theme, all mean. Once again, we've cobbled together a bric-à-brac of game design insight, random tables, rules suggestions, monsters, classes, maps, adventures… the lot. We've also added a short series (12 pages) aimed at post-WotC meltdown 5E refugees (or just your friends who you’d like to bring over to the adventure gaming side of the divide). (Read More)
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Picross-Like Puzzle Game 'Logiart Grimoire' Kickstarter Campaign Now Open

November 29th
Jupiter has opened a Kickstarter campaign for Logiart Grimoire. The developer is asking for a $3,399 to fund extra features for the puzzle game, which is currently available on Steam Early Access. The campaign page also reveals the company plans for a March 1, 2024 release on PC, with a Switch version after it. (Read More)

Kickistarter Tabletop Alert: 'Boundless Stride: Into the Denlands'

November 28th
The forest is in danger, not only with wildfires and landslides, but also howler grems intent on destruction. As new Scouts, you are charged with a mission to drive off the grems and protect your homes! (Read More)

NocFree Split Keyboard, TiSpanner Very Small Wrench Multi-software, And More

November 28th
Right now, I have some Kickstarter strategies for individuals who are interested in desk equipment, pocket equipment, and hydration resources. Let’s check them out! (Read More)

ToD1 Lair of the Silver Rings - RPG OSR adventure module

November 28th
A starting adventure in the old-school style. Written for OSRIC or your favorite OSR game system - with a 5e compatible version too! I'm always interested in peeking at new publishers of old-school material. You just never know if one is going to strike lightning in a bottle. (Read More)

Meet xTool's Screen Printer, The Must-Have For Innovative Home Projects

November 28th
Throughout centuries of technological development, screen printing — the ancient process of pressing ink through mesh to make a crisp printed design — has grown, changed, and been at the forefront of both home design trends and pop culture juggernauts. Though one thing has always stayed the same: it's a tedious ordeal which takes a long, long time. (Read More)

GameBook Color: The Unofficial CGB Companion hits Kickstarter goal

November 28th
Who loved the Game Boy Color? After taking the portable gaming world by storm in the early 1990s, The GameBoy started running out of steam. More powerful home consoles were arriving, and gaming experiences were beginning to expand beyond what the diminutive platform’s limited architecture could handle. (Read More)

The Jollylook Eye is a Battery-Free Digital to Analog Instant Photo Printer

November 28th
Jollylook, a small team of photography enthusiasts, launched a short crowdfunding campaign for the Jollylook Eye, a vintage-styled fold-out instant printer that turns digital photos into instant prints. (Read More)

Kickstarter Highlights: Goose Based RPG, Horror Fairy Tales, and More

November 27th
Come check out this week’s batch of crowdfunding and Kickstarter highlights – including board games, RPGs, and STLs! (Read More)


November 27th
Godkiller: The Banned Edition from Black Mask Studios is set to launch on Kickstarter tomorrow, Tuesday, November 28. The launch will unveil the sixth volume of the series “The Color You Too From Her Eyes.” (Read More)

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