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Slayers crowdfunds a new setting book for the asymmetric RPG

October 13th - via:
Indie RPG designer Spencer Campbell, known online as GilaRPGs, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund a new sourcebook for his award-winning tabletop RPG Slayers. The Slayers Almanac will bring together ten writers from across the world, along with an update to the game’s base ruleset. (Read More)
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Where to find: TTRPG or D&D sweets and treats!

October 13th - via:
With Halloween upon us, many people are thinking of candy and are potentially having some special Halloween themed one-shots. Here’s some ideas for sweet treats to use as monsters, trackers, or just snacks for your spooky TTRPG and D&D sessions! (Read More)

Cowboy Bebop RPG studio’s Knights of the Round: Academy blends My Hero Academia, Gundam and King Arthur

October 12th - via:
The upcoming RPG is described as combining aspects of shonen manga and anime - the hugely popular subgenre of action-adventure stories familiar through long-running series such as Dragon Ball, One Piece and Naruto - ‘90s “super and real robots” anime and school dramas. (Read More)
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Hysteria Preview

October 11th - via:
It’s the Dia de los Muertos and a little girl named Luna has gone missing while looking for her dog Kiko. Luna has slipped through a portal and is now among the skeleton villagers of this realm. Hysteria is a deduction game where players will either be on team skeleton or team human. Watch closely because the teams are always changing. (Read More)
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#808 – Paint the Roses [Preview]

October 11th - via:
In Paint the Roses, you’ve got pretty much the worst job in Wonderland; gardening for the Queen. She’s a bit … hard to read, so you’ve decided it’s far easier to just paint white roses and then paint them whatever color she wants than it is to actually cultivate roses in any particular color. Unfortunately, this job’s got a bit of a high turnover rate, given that the previous gardeners always end up decapitated. Will you be able to keep ahead of the Queen? (Read More)

A Profound Waste of Time: Caspian Whistler celebrates video games as an art form

October 11th - via:
There's always been some negativity around video games. That they're a distraction or perhaps something only children should enjoy. London-based graphic designer and creative director Caspian Whistler hopes to smash this outdated misconception with the publication of A Profound Waste of Time, a beautifully designed print magazine that celebrates the gaming industry and all the people within it. (Read More)

[COMING SOON] Pivo Pod X auto-tracking camera tripod phone mount

October 11th - via:
Pivo will soon be returning to Kickstarter to launch its second campaign for their latest innovative smart pod the Pivo Pod X. Offering an auto-tracking camera tripod phone mount to help extend the photographic capabilities of your smartphone using artificial intelligence, multi-directional auto-tracking and a suite of photographic and video enhancements through the companion application. (Read More)

[COMING SOON] Local author works with big names in fishing on new children’s book

October 10th - via:
Local author Joshua Mutters has written a book designed to entertain as well as to inspire those that read it to get outdoors. Let’s Go Fishing features 25 different types of freshwater fish as well as techniques used to catch them. (Read More)
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