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Ends two weeks from now

Andina Embroidery: Embroidery Kits & Bags for Alpaca Lovers

Take a little piece of the Andes to your craft life!


Backers: 10
Funding: €1,109 of €500 (221% funded)
Average daily pledges: €185
Campaign Dates: September 27th -> October 24th (2023)
Time left: 21 days, 16 hours, 25 minutes

Ends more than three weeks from now

The Stitchery - Back to the Country

Helping to move The Stitchery to new premises and create an embroidery shop.


Backers: 114
Funding: £32,823 of £12,500 (262% funded)
Average daily pledges: £16,412
Campaign Dates: October 1st -> October 31st (2023)
Time left: 28 days, 4 hours, 37 minutes

Arte Visionario para la Gran Renovación del Mundo

Los abuelos originarios bajando mensajes con su arte visionario para apoyar en la Gran Transición de la humanidad y todo el mundo.


Backers: 1
Funding: MX$19 of MX$100,000 (0% funded)
Average daily pledges: MX$1
Campaign Dates: September 11th -> November 10th (2023)
Time left: 38 days, 11 hours, 35 minutes

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